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9d2, m, br4, 2, 2, ADILABAD – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

23 Jul
23 Day
About The Campaign

Founder Shravya Reddy reached Adilabad district on the 23rd day of the state wide “We for Her” campaign.

She went to Ashram government school in Utnoor to interact with students, who were about 800 in number. The girls in the school were dealing with different problems and some shared about their personal problems. Many of the girls told about their sisters having dysfunctional marriages and how they were the victims of child marriages. Students told that they were allowed to study till tenth class and after that they would be married off. 

The day was a very one emotional for everyone, both, for the students as well as for the founder. On behalf of “We and She” Shravya informed them of help. Overall the day gave glimpses on how society perceived about girls and girl-child education in this area.