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BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEM – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

09 Jul
09 Day
About The Campaign

Ninth day of the ” We for She” campaign was focussed on issues at Bhadradi Kothagudem district. Founder Shravya Reddy addressed women at the MPDO office where the number of women who turned up was amusingly high and a lot of discussion took place regarding challenges they faced. 

From there Shravya went to visit some villages, 3 incline and 4 incline, and tried to understand their problems wherein yet again many old aged women did not get their pension benefits. The saddest part of the visit was when she met an 11 year girl child Sharvani suffering from Brain Tumour, who was very active and playful even an year ago. The parents were facing financial trouble in providing treatment and also the doctors concluded that the situation was beyond treatment. 

Shravya on behalf of “We and She” supported them with a small contribution and informed them of help in the form of treatment or some other possible manner.