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g, wk, m, yaz, pa, pak, u, o6x, oev, 101, Hyderabad – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

01 Jul
01 Day
About The Campaign

The first day had begun with covering major important areas in Hyderabad. Tribal Basthi, Lambadi Basthi and Community park in Habsiguda.  All women of all these areas were immesely supportive, happy, outspoken and extended their complete support to the organisation and felt a sense of assurity while talking to us and also we’re ready to be a part of volunteering to the organisation. 

It was shocking to observe the several challenges that these women were facing women of Lambadi Basthi till date are trapped under ancient superstitions along with alcoholic husband’s creating burden to the women. They’re also facing middle men frauds and looting. Women of community park Habsiguda, had extreme safety issues with rape threats ranging to all ages of women, 6yrs to 90. With their request to provide an APP, Shravya assured them that the police are doing their job well and that she shall also help divert the case to concerned authorities.