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np0, JAGITYAL – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

16 Jul
16 Day
About The Campaign

Jagityal district is the 16th place of the “We for Her” Campaign. And Malial village (also a mandal) in jagityal was first visited. 

Shravya met several women mainly the corn and maize sellers. Many of these women were homeless and had no pension. Shravya then went to meet women with dysfunctional marriages. While many women have moved on but some women were stuck and clueless about their lives. They expressed their personal thoughts with Shravya and were willing to come to Hyderabad to make a decent living. Shravya assured them of help. 

They were ready to work as gardeners and also willing to take up training in craft works or tailoring. Shravya stressed on financial empowerment of women and informed about the push needed from people including “We and She” towards the realisation of such an important aspect in a women’s’ life. 

Later she went to Zilla Parishad High school and interacted with students. And the day ended on a very active note.