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j8o, 1j, 4, c, lvz, fo, 5, v, d, n2, y, ppq, JANGAON – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

19 Jul
19 Day
About The Campaign

It is the nineteenth day of the “We for Her” campaign and founder Mandadi Shravya Reddy has reached Jangaon district. She visited Narmetta village in Narmetta mandal and met the women sarpanch. The sarpanch welcomed the campaign and gave inputs on the kind of issues related to women that were present in her village and who needed assistance. Shravya informed them of help and job if they could relocate to Hyderabad. Even old-aged people asked some help for which the founder told them to move to any old-age home in Hyderabad city, for which she could help.  

Later on Shravya met a women farmer who was there in her farm with grazing cattle. Upon enquiry as to challenges that women faced they informed of not having any house for themselves. 

From there the founder went to a nearby cement brick manufacturing plant where some young women were working. They were in need of loans from government and asked if they could get them. Overall, the day was filled with women from different backgrounds giving their inputs.