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BHUPALAPALLY – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

17 Jul
17 Day
About The Campaign

The 17th day began with visiting the Telangana State Power Generation Corporation Ltd. (TS GENCO), Kakatiya Thermal Power Project (KTTP), chelpur, as part of the campaign.

The visit was mainly to know the problems and challenges faced by women employees of KTTP. The women were well educated and the discussion with them was very much different as compared to the previous ones.  While some women spoke about their personal life and challenges, other spoke about their hardwork and success stories. They also gave ideas inputs on different aspects which the organisation could take up. The meet was organised by the KTTP Women Employees wing. 

Later on the women organisers showed the founder entire plant and how the electricity was being generated. Overall the visit to the plant gave a new dimension to the campaign.  

With the end of the day 17 in Jayashankar Bhupalapally district, the campaign had successfully crossed two thousand kilometres.