A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

25 Jul
25 Day
About The Campaign

The state wide campaign “We for Her” “Memu Aame Kosam”, by now started to come across several dimensions to the challenges faced by women. On the 25th day, the first meeting was held at Sapdulpur village in Yellareddy mandal with women. 

The major complaints were regarding the lack of drinking water. Next village was Mallaipalli in the same mandal and women there complained about lack of school facility and non maintenance of Anganwadi. The number of women with dysfunctional marriage were much more here and the women were ready to move to Hyderabad for job and better social security. 

Next major visit was to Burgula village in Nizamsagar mandal where Shravya met traditional artists and folk performers who narrate stories through “Burrakatha” (A traditional way of storytelling in the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana).  The advent of television and its high usage among people has reduced the demand for these performers. They are now running small shops and businesses to meet their livelihood. These artists were really in a bad situation and their skills were completely being wasted.