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yc, ipy, qkr, 7u, j60, hf, sa, gg0, ma0, p, blf, pqp, s, 8, 73v, 0, v2, 4, lm, n18, g, MAHABUBABAD – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

10 Jul
10 Day
About The Campaign

The campaign successfully completed a thousand kilometres on their Tenth day and reached the mahabubabad district. The aim for this day was to cover the SC community of the Seerole village. 

With many violence cases against alcoholic husband’s, the affected women had no source of security and safety and did not know whom to approach. Some women also complained that their sons were not looking after them and were even thrown out of the houses. It was noted that the last time any government scheme came to this village was at the time of Indira Gandhi in 1980. Since then there was not even a housing scheme that came to this village. Their hopes shattered, people were depressed and were not ready to trust people.

One of the houses of a lady collapsed while she was at home. Although she survived it, she had no means of support to repair it back. Shravya Reddy helped the old lady with ₹5000 and asked her to treat it as her old age pension for five months and informed of her intention to get her a decent house within 5 months. 

Campaign was then followed to Ekalavya Residential school which had a strength of 480 girl students. Shravya gave them a motivational talk and inspired students to be brave and bold in life and awarded some students with organisation badges as token of appreciation.