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zv, MAHABUBNAGAR – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

28 Jul
28 Day
About The Campaign

On the 28th day of the “We for Her” campaign, founder Shravya visited Mahabubnagar district. She first visited Newton English and Urdu medium high school. The talk was mainly motivational in nature. Shravya stressed on the need for being strong and bold in this competitive world. The students also shared their thoughts and informed that they knew some women with dysfunctional marriages.

The next half of the day was spent in BC and SC Welfare hostel. They were highly motivated after listening to the founder. The students said they would succeed in life and that Shravya would read about them in future. A girl from class four walked up to Shravya and said although she had no idea what they were talking about, but she  felt Shravya was doing a wonderful work and that she would like to support her and become a member of the organisation. 

Overall the students were well inspired to pursue further education and also to take up challenging works in future.  Some girls even wanted to get the founder’s name tattooed but Shravya asked them to focus and study well and get successful in life and make a mark for themselves. That would infact be a proud moment for the founder.