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98, MANCHERIAL – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

20 Jul
20 Day
About The Campaign

The 20th day of the campaign started off with visiting places in Mancherial district. The visit was to a school in Jenda venkatpur village in Luxettipet mandal. The interaction was mainly with the girl students in the school at their lunch time by eating along with them to check if the food supplied to the children through mid-day meal scheme was proper and edible. She ate along with students.  

The session was completely interactive and upon enquiry the teachers said that the students were bright in both studies and extra-curricular activities and headmasters there encourage girl students. After that Shravya conducted spot programs like singing and dancing and students participated enthusiastically. 

Later in the day, the founder met a group of Muslim women who wanted to start their own business and they were looking for loans. They did not have proper home and also had issues with sanitation. They were not happy with present situation and were expecting something concrete and constructive help so as to support themselves with their major worry being seasonal employment.