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ytn, f5g, k, NAGARKURNOOL – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

31 Jul
31 Day
About The Campaign

“Memu Aame Kosam” “We for Her” State wide awareness campaign for women had reached its final day. It was the last district in this arduous task of going around thirty one districts in thirty one days and identifying challenges faced by women especially finding out the issues of dysfunctional marriages. 

The last visit was to the Palem village in Bijnapalli mandal. Here the founder met women from different communities especially from Budaga jangam and Dommara community. Though their number was less, the kinds of problems they faced were making their situation terrible and miserable. These women were explaining about the challenges they faced and at times went emotional as well. It was difficult for them to depend only on agriculture and the women were facing the problem of seasonal employment. It was forcing them into dark zones. Shravya informed them about providing few sewing/tailoring machines for training.

Overall the day was very emotional as it was also the last day of the campaign. With this visit the total journey travelled by the founder Mandadi Shravya Reddy reached four thousand one hundred and sixteen kilometres(4116kms) an incredible and unparalleled social movement towards the campaign. 


‘ This is just the beginning towards a great movement to support the cause of empowerment of women.  ‘