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74, k0, qb2, 2s6, o, NALGONDA – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

06 Jul
06 Day
About The Campaign

Sixth day of the campaign was at Yellareddygudem under the pretext of understanding the problem and severity of fluorosis plaguing the village.

The village has become severely prone to this disease irrespective of the gender of age. With the biggest sufferers being women and children, the suffering is unexplainable. More than 60% of them have been affected with it and Shravya strongly wanted this to be dissipate.

Going around and sensing the various challenges and difficulties that the people were facing with this disease, Shravya was deeply distrubed and skeptical about the government reactions on this issue.

She then wanted to provide atleast a temporary relief for the people and so informed the villagers that she would arranging a medical camp soon.