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weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

21 Jul
21 Day
About The Campaign

On the 21st day of the campaign, Shravya reached Nirmal district. She visited Kolamguda and damguda villages in Kaddam mandal. The population of the Gonds living there were high and they were the main tribes inhabiting the area. 

Much to her surprise, Shravya was told that they were facing lot of difficulties inspite of having a river nearby. There was shortage of drinking water. The people did not have houses. The areas were very backward and a few cases had dysfunctional marriages. 

But one of the positive aspects of them was the respect they’re giving towards the girl child. It was a real heartful happiness to notice such an area to embrace women, respect them and infact treat them like godesses while the developed cities today continue to create frightening scenes.

The girl students were asking for a bus facility atleast till a nearby area as it was getting difficult for them to get back to their houses in the forest by evening. Also because of the onset of monsoon rains, cases of Diarrhoea have increased. And the conditions were not so good for them to live. The day gave good insights into the lives of people in this part of the state.