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weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

24 Jul
24 Day
About The Campaign

On the 24th day, the state wide campaign reached the Ankapur Village of the Armoor mandal. This village is famous for its agricultural heritage and for its famous produce- turmeric. 

The women farmers in the village told about the low prices of the turmeric including the low minimum support price of turmeric. They were clearly unhappy with the profits they were getting. Inspite of that they were continuously growing the crop. 

Later on many people came from the surrounding areas to talk to Shravya; they were the former workers of Nizam Sugar Factory. They told about the injustice meted to them and wanted the factory to be restarted. This was first time when the founder was talking to men. People were very much disappointed and some even had even been traumatised. They had some demands to be sorted out and asked her to help them. Shravya informed them of help in her capacity. 

With the visit to this village the total journey of the state wide campaign crossed beyond three thousand kilometres.