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o3w, tw, 9, u, p4, wn, is, vmq, r, ji9, kz, PEDDAPALLI – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

15 Jul
15 Day
About The Campaign

On fifteenth day of the campaign was held at Peddapalli district. The initial visit was to Kanagarthi where Shravya met elders from the village. The major issue was lack of proper roads in the village. It was difficult for the elders and others, especially during rainy season, to even walk on those roads.

Next village was Shantinagarwada where the founder of “We and She” met many women, mainly from Gangi Caste. Upon enquiry they said they did not have proper employment opportunity to work. They did not have roads or water tap connections. They did not have proper drainage system because of which mosquitoes were breeding and causing health problems. People were expecting that after the formation of the district their problems would be sorted out and improved to the better. But nothing of that sort happened and nothing had changed. 

Overall the campaign was very informative and lots of discussions happened. And the campaign realised that these people are in need of sustainable development in their village.