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tw, a, su, n0n, gq, 8pz, h, eq, hf, 6, Khammam – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

08 Jul
08 Day
About The Campaign

“We for Her” reached Khammam in its eighth day of “31 districts in 31 days” campaign.  As part of the movement Mandadi Shravya Reddy visited villages Pangidi, Mangya Thanda, KV Banjara, Moolagudem, NV Banjara and Rajab Ali nagar and studied about the problems faced by women and children. The visit included meeting Anganwadi and ASHA workers. 

The major complaint from them was the absence of having own buildings. Although some new buildings were sanctioned and work started, funds were not released and so construction stopped midway. They were thus facing many challenges because of lack of own facilities like, absence of storage facility, lack of decent environments for children, rental obligation, etc. The government should be more proactive in providing physical infrastructure. Also there is a necessity of primary Health centre in the village as many pregnant women had to go  to Khammam for treatments. 

Apart from these, Shravya also informed them about how financial empowerment of women, especially, divorcees, widows and financially backward women, is more crucial and that there’s a necessity of establishing a centre to train women in tailoring work.