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u1, 1pc, 3r, Medchal – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

02 Jul
02 Day
About The Campaign

The second day of the campaign done in Medchal district has brought many new facets and challenges and was an emotional override.

Starting the campaign as early as 4am, founder Shravya had a meeting with the sweeper women, who were surprised by her gesture to value them, meet them and provide a solution.  Shravya assured them that the organisation would take up the payment issue of theirs with the government and aslo help them in direct. Following next was a meet with self-empowered women of the place, who were very distressed for not being able to get grants/loans and about the very feeble response by the government. 

A particular emotional moment arised when Shravya came across a 75year old woman, who has no home of her own and was extremely depressed for being able to get nil pension benefits from the govt inspite of repeated requests/visits. The day ended realising the different aspects the organisation needed to cover.