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v, b, RAJANNA SIRCILLA – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

14 Jul
14 Day
About The Campaign

On the 14th day of the state-wide campaign, “We for Her” reached Rajanna Sircilla District. The first visited place unde the Vemulawada mandal, was to Bathukamma Theppa. 

The interaction was with women working in Dhobi ghats. The women were not happy with the work as there was continuous contact with chemical detergents and soaps. They were ready to move to other sectors if given a chance. 

The second visited place was the Rudrangi mandal, a very popular place. Shravya met the panchayat sarpanch and got to know about the problems. Mostly, people were expecting loans to start some businesses since farming for them was a seasonal employment. 

The last place was the Chinthalatana village. There she met female farmers working in cotton fields and enquired about their problems. 

It was then concluded that almost all women of the rural areas wanted loans since  farming is very seasonal and they are in need of alternate means of earning to run respective families.