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lyl, tv, eg, s, j8q, zse, z, 27, 3vq, e, a, o21, xqj, fj6, bl, f4m, ioj, p, s5j, ajb, b, u, SANGAREDDY – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

27 Jul
27 Day
About The Campaign

“We for Her” state wide awareness campaign by then had been marching towards its final phase. It was the twenty seventh day and Shravya Reddy reached Sangareddy district. 

The visit was to Choutkoor village in Pulkal mandal. The meeting was mainly with women who lost husbands at very young age and also with those who had dysfunctional marriages. They were facing many social challenges and were badly in need of help. Moreover, because of their rural background, the situation was worse. After Shravya encouraged parents with latest aspects in society and how the present generation is changing, the parents were agreeing to her and said they would consider remarrying their girls. The women were also ready to relocate to Hyderabad and Sangareddy for a better job.