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n, n, c33, Yadari Bhuvanagiri – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

05 Jul
05 Day
Yadari Bhuvanagiri
About The Campaign

The fifth day of the campaign was held in Bhoodan Pochampally with the aim to understand the plight of female handloom workers who supposedly are one of the most neglected sectors in Telangana.

The day had been very intense and emotional knowing the agony of the female workers. It was said that, their condition has only been worsening with all the old schemes being cancelled and an extreme little amount reaching them even after ₹370 crores was allocated to them in state budget.

Their only genuine request was to notice them, address them, support them and pay them the required money that they need for survival and to provide them with the ‘weavers market’ that they’ve been requesting since forever, so that they can sell the handlooms that they make. And for the government to purchase from them.

It was very heart-touching to hear their distress and Shravya assured that she would take up this cause and report it to the authorities and also provide all the support she can on behalf of the organisation.