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o84, p, e, skm, cy, s3j, 81f, r7, e, 9, SIDDIPET – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

18 Jul
18 Day
About The Campaign

Guggilla village of Bejjanki Mandal was the place visited on the 18th day of ” We for Her” campaign.

Founder Shravya met many women who lost their husband at young age and divorcees. These women were very depressed and were looking for some employment to sustain themselves.  Shravya assured them of finding and providing suitable job on behalf of “We and She” if they could relocate to Hyderabad. 

From there Shravya went to a nearby construction site where some women were working. She observed a young thirteen year old girl working at the site and strictly told them not to make her work and instead send her to school. 

After that Shravya met women Rice-mill workers who were not even having a proper house to stay. They were in a very pathetic situation. The day ended in a positive note for the founder wherein she identified new challenges.