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a2v, SURYAPET – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

07 Jul
07 Day
About The Campaign

Held at Vijayaraghavapuram village, also popularly known as Ramasamudram, the seventh day of the campaign started off with a  meeting organised by a Rural Employees federation, (20 year old organisation working in health and education). 

A village with a very hard working population, the major cause of distress for them was about the fraud committed by a cooperative society that collects money in the name of schemes but never returns. With all their hard earned money looted by the fraud society, many families have been destroyed resulting in gloominess and helplessness everywhere. 

Next visit was to a nearby Anganwadi where the physical infrastructure was very poor and had no space to even store the basic food items in case of rains. All the windows, doors and other items broken, Shravya made sure to inform the in-charge of the plight and also promised to that support them if they would come up with a proposal-document.

The seventh day thus concluded throwing light on how rural people are dreadfully being cheated upon by fraudsters and how they’re tied down and are unable to get their money back.