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yjr, a, p05, fq0, v, 2o, r0a, u, 32q, c, 5, WANAPARTHY – weandshe

A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

30 Jul
30 Day
About The Campaign

The penultimate day of the “We for Her” State wide Awareness campaign for women had the founder visiting the Government Degree Women’s college in Wanaparthy. This district is very well known for girl child education. Shravya took several sessions for the students and informed them about safety, health and environmental issues. 

She also spoke to girls about the idea of helping women with dysfunctional marriages through “We and She” organisation. While the students listened carefully and were very enthusiastic with the session, there were some silent students who spoke their hearts out for the very first time and this gave a very good impression amongst all others who never recognised their capabilities. 

Another interesting aspect of the day was an unexpected encounter with a road side vendor. The women belonged to Myadhara community. She was not happy with the sale and the returns were not enough for her. She was asking for any financial aid from government to support her business to which the founder said she would take up the issue.