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A Quest to make Everlasting Changes

11 Jul
11 Day
About The Campaign

With a successful ten days of campaign, “Memu Amme Kosam”, “We for Her” then reached Warangal on its eleventh day. 

The day began with Shravya Reddy coming across a group of girls protesting for Justice. They were asking for a girls vocational training institute to continue. An institute that was established in 1948 and was ready to celebrate its glorious past of 75 years. But it is said that they stopped admission for new batches thereafter due to improper facilities and building and hence the decision was taken to close it down. 

The one of a kind skill development centre that teaches almost 60 different courses, and with only two of such institutions in the state, students strongly disagreed to the decision and continued to protest. Shravya supported their cause and assured them of taking the issue.

From there Shravya went to R & D College and met PG students and briefed them about the organisation and campaign and motivated the students. Students were very responsive and welcomed the campaign.