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An Integrated Pioneering Approach

We and She takes an integrated pioneering approach, with four mutually supportive components, each with their own objectives called the ICTR. It is an organized and structured process that starts from identification, Counselling, Training and finally Rehabilitation.


To understand and identify women who are undergoing severe mental pressures.

Although it is observed throughout the country, currently the scope of the organisation is limited to Telangana only but depending on the severity of the case, support could also be provided to the women of other states.

  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. The focus would be to identify women who are in need of assistance post-divorce level and to provide them with full scale rehabilitation.
  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. The task of Identification takes precedence over all other aspects in our ICTR approach.
  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. The principal slant to identify such women is through community participation in the rehabilitation.​​


To counsel, support, reassure and restore their faith in life and help combat their suffering.

Women who are identified and require support are provided with professional counselling. The primary objective is to bring them back from emotional trauma and to motivate them to restarttheir life with a more positive approach.

  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. Depending on the severity of the situation, one-time or even multiple sessional counselling shall be arranged.
  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. It shall be given by members/experts decided by the organisation.
  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. Tele-communication options or even video-conference sessions can be arranged subjected to the availability of the services.
  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. All them shall be dealt privately and in no way would any details be divulged to any third person.​


To train and encourage them to pursue both personal and community development.

Irrespective of their educational backgrounds, training would be provided to women who respond positively to the counselling and aim to have a secured and financially stable life.

  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. Depending on the choice, interest and confidence shown, they shall be provided with training of varied skills.
  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. Some major skills set options:
    Tailoring, Communication and Soft-skills, Beauty and Wellness, Domestic Workers/help, Food industry, Handicrafts and Carpet, Healthcare, IT-ITES, etc.
  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. The sessions would be taken up in association with established skill centres.
  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. Sometimes,based on the situation, there might be a need to move to another place, for which flexibility would be expected from the women’s side ​


To increase opportunities, help earn living and empower them for future growth.

Rehabilitation is a tedious process owing to the psychological condition the woman goes through after the irretrievable breakdown of marriage.

  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. The entire process of counselling and training may take several months and atleast for some, the organisation will need to maintain expenditures throughout.
  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. At present the only available support for the women is Alimony that the court pronounces through its judgement and they could utilise the funds to train themselves.
  • Group 67 Copy 6Created with Sketch. This last phase of the ICTR approach is to let them lead a normal life with basic standards by providing a decent accommodation and with a secure job as per need.