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odw, e, dtg, n, 6be, aj, gn, axb, 7oz, 44, z, ahf, News Coverage – weandshe

Meet ‘Mandadi Shravya Reddy’ – Reaching To The ‘Voiceless’ In Telugu States

For Mandadi Shravya Reddy, true happiness doesn’t come from working in one’s own comfort zone. She realised that she wanted to get out of the cosy confines of the four walls and do something for the society.

How A Woman In Her 20s Toured Across 31 Districts In 31 Days In Telangana To Empower Rural Women

While most remain unperturbed by regular reports of young women facing the brunt of forced marriages in India, Mandadi Shravya Reddy from Telangana was haunted by one question, 

We and She, a platform for women

A few months ago, SundayScape featured a techie who quit her corporate job to travel across Telangana to gain first-hand information on the problems faced by the bottom of the pyramid.

NGO 'We & She' works in rescue and rehabilitation of women in Telangana

HYDERABAD: When I came home, everyone commented about how my skin got tanned. But for me, it is a symbol of pride.