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u0, b3k, 2r, Shravya Mandadi – weandshe
Contact Info
Shravya Mandadi


” Hailing from a family of freedom fighters and after extensive researches on hardships that aidless women are facing, I believe it’s my duty to throw light and make a significant impact on the issue. A large percentage of victims being women with dysfunctional marriages, I intend to specifically take up the issue and do the best we can through our organization ‘ We and She ‘

This is the first organization in the country that aims to support and empower helpless and emotionally vulnerable women who are devastated with their divorce and all the societal pressure that follows thereafter.

Recognizing the potential and rights of every woman, irrespective of their differences, we aim to empower them, emotionally, economically, and socially, and touch their social consciousness to embrace their development and to as well trigger their entrepreneurship. “

Shravya Mandadi, fulfilling her responsibility towards our society has been working extensively for social and environmental causes. A graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, hails from a family of Freedom Fighters who have long been conscious of the progress made by the society.

She believes that instilling a strong sense of social consciousness and independent mindset is required at present and thus quit working in a corporate company and started creating awareness.

She is, currently studying at Mahatma Law College. She aims to help, support and bring back confidence and empower the affected women and make them self-sustained and independent.