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o, bv, iz, 4, auj, cw, ts, nd, d0, 1w, We for Her Campaign – weandshe

Her- story is more vital than History

We for her is a unique sensitisation and issue-identifying drive that started on 1st July 2018 in Hyderabad and covered 31 districts of Telangana state in 31 days. Founder member and Campaign head Shravya Mandadi, travelled across the state and covered both rural and urban women in equal proportions.


  • Group 39 Copy 2Created with Sketch. To raise awareness regarding challenges faced by women and girl child
  • Group 39 Copy 2Created with Sketch. To provide confidence and support and get women to come up and confront injustices and make way for lasting changes
  • Group 39 Copy 2Created with Sketch. Addressing the necessity of promoting women’s well-being and status directly and explicitly
  • Group 39 Copy 2Created with Sketch. Address them through government and policy recommendations
  • Group 39 Copy 2Created with Sketch. Intervene relevant stakeholder participation wherever necessary

We for Her Campaign

Her story is more vital than History