‘‘We and She’ is a Non-Profit organisation that mainly works towards rehabilitation of women with dysfunctional marriages. The sacrosanct institution of marriage in India has lately seen increase in the number of dysfunctional marriages and divorces.
With the reasons being numerous, (viz., Domestic violence; harrasment; dowry ; infidelity ; etc), simultaneously the suffering is also extreme. This alarming increase, forced women into societal pressures, severe financial hardships and emotional traumas creating a sense of hopelessness and sometimes leading to extreme steps like suicide.
‘We and She’ aims to provide immediate solutions to this burning issue that has reached alarming proportions. It is the objective of the organisation to reintegrate and rehabilitate such women and provide support and envision a respectable, safe and secured society for them.

“ A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Diana Marichild

The Team

We aim to empower Her and bring up a revolution